Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Working class?

In an article posted today by Patrick Wintour in the Guardian, Douglas Alexander outlines Labours stance on welfare.

We already know that Labour will not stand up for the disabled. Shame on them. That's millions of votes they won't be getting.

But I also take extreme umbrage at this:

Labour has been criticised, including by its former party general secretary Peter Watt, for appearing to be siding with the feckless poor against the hard-working squeezed middle, so appearing less credible on how to tackle the deficit.

Is he trying to tell us that only the middle classes work hard? Has he completely lost touch with Labours roots? Where do they think the term 'working class' came from?

I'm fed up with all these comments making out as if the middle classes are the only ones who work hard.
The working class works just as hard, they just work in jobs that are low paid and often menial. Jobs that the middle class, and certainly not the upper class, look down their noses at. Can you see any of them working for minimum wage in a factory? Or standing behind a supermarket checkout?
No, I can't either.

Stop assuming that the poor working class are idle please, they work harder than you can imagine

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