Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Spot the link

These two pictures may look completely different but they have one thing in common. What's that you ask?

A. They're both fake.

This is the infamous Saatchi & Saatchi dole photo, used in the 1979 Tory election campaign. They tried to tell the world that unemployment was Labours fault to shock people into voting Tory. It worked.
Unfortunately unemployment rose even higher under a Tory regime and it was later revealed that the people in the so called 'dole queue' were members of the Tory Party.

This is a photo from a recent issue of the Daily Mail. We all know the DM is a right wing paper and that they are big supporters of the ConDem cuts. But they went below the belt with this shot in trying to depict disability benefit claimants as lazy good for nothings who spend all day with their feet up watching TV.

The caption for this?
Feet up: Claimants will lose their disability benefits as the public spending cuts bite (Posed by model)

Yes, it's posed by a model. They really have no shame.

Tory regime photo then: FAKE
Tory regime photo now: FAKE

Says a lot don't you think?

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