Saturday, 20 November 2010

Improve your lot and lose your home

I thought the ConDem government was about removing the disincentives to work?
This is clearly not the case with this little piece of legislature:

Council tenants will have to give their landlords their bank details after a minimum of two years in the property. If their financial situation improves they will be evicted.

How much does Grant Shapps expect these tenants to try to improve their lives if they will be faced with the loss of their home?

Aside from the appalling Big Brother aspect of this, this is all part of the coalition drive to end the 'home for life'. Why? Many people who live on a council estate will never be in a position to buy their own home. If their financial position changes enough for them to be evicted they will end up in private rented accommodation where they will then be left to the mercy of a private landlord.
Anyone who lives in this sort of home will tell you that it isn't so much a home as just somewhere to live. You can't decorate, own a pet, smoke or make any improvements without permission. This isn't a home. Would Mr Shapps be prepared to live like that?

I don't agree with the current situation that tenancies can be passed on to children. But I see nothing wrong with having a home for life.

This smacks very much of the old Victorian tenet of keeping people in their place.

Watch this video to get more of an idea of how unworkable it is to expect people to buy their own home.


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