Thursday, 25 November 2010

Cameron contradicts himself

David Cameron wants to measure how happy we are. He says that GDP is not the best way to measure a country's progress. I agree, it doesn't.

He also said
"most urgent priority is to get the economy moving, to create jobs, to spread opportunity for everyone".

"Without a job that pays a decent wage it is hard for people to look after their families in the way that they want, whether that's taking the children on holiday or making your home a more comfortable place.

"Without money in your pocket it is difficult to do so many of the things that we enjoy."

So the Government's priority is to create jobs. Then why he cutting so many?

He acknowledges that it's hard for those who are low paid. Then why is he cutting so many of their benefits?

He talks about people wanting to make their homes a more comfortable place. Then why is he introducing measure that will force people out of their homes if they start earning more? Why is is he ensuring that those in council houses can no longer feel secure in their homes?

I'm amazed at his lack of awareness. He seems to want one thing but introduce policies that will achieve the opposite. Is this really the man our country, our 'wellbeing' is entrusted to?

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