Sunday, 7 November 2010

IDS's latest outrage

This article has me shaking with anger.

The feckless unemployed will be forced to take part in a punishing U.S.-style ‘workfare’ scheme involving gardening, clearing litter and other menial tasks for just £1 an hour in a new crackdown on scroungers.
And if they fail to turn up on time or work hard they will be stripped of their dole for three months.
Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith will tomorrow unveil ‘compulsory community placements’ in an attempt to stop people living on benefits for years without bothering to look for work.

How dare they brand everyone who is unemployed as feckless. They have absolutely no idea of what it's like to be unemployed. Or to have to sign on.
There are work shy out there yes. We all know a few. But the majority of claimants are honest people who try as much as they can and still can't find a job.

There a very few jobs out there. And there will soon be even less, with a huge increase in the amount of people chasing them.
Why can't the DM and the ConDems see this? Why are they being so blind?

Instead of receiving their usual £65-a-week Jobseeker’s Allowance for sitting at home doing nothing, they will get substantially less – and will have to clock on and off on time and work flat out.
The Government has not decided how much people on ‘community placements’ will be paid but it is understood the figure will be between £30 and £40 a week – the equivalent to £1 an hour, one sixth of the minimum wage.

So if you can't find a job you get your money cut. Yes, this is fair.

Now, I have no problem with unemployed people being asked to do voluntary work. But it should be true voluntary work, not jobs that would usually be paid for like the ConDems proposal of litter picking and gardening. Places like the National trust and various charities are crying out for volunteers. Bet they won't be in IDS's scheme. And they should be allowed to pick what they do.
And it shouldn't be a 40 hour week. How are they supposed to look for work or attend interviews/ training courses if they are forced into doing this? Would any Tory supporter be happy to work a 40 hour week for £40 a week?
And they should certainly not be made to do it for less than their benefit or be forced into it.

It makes me sick that the privileged few who have never been in this position are standing in judgement. They should walk a few miles in the shoes of the unemployed before they dare to make a ruling like this.

As one Labour MP said this is nothing short of slave labour.


  1. The use of the word 'feckless' is offensive in the extreme - not, of course, that we should expect anything else of the Mail. Lots of people will be losing and have lost jobs who desperately want to work - to label people who can't find jobs as workshy is a part of this government's political agenda, I believe, so that people don't stand against to the continual cuts.

  2. That's exactly what it is I think too. Our government of millionaires who have no idea of what the real world is like can't see beyond their own noses.
    It makes me so angry, they are not fit to judge how our country should be run
    I totally agree about the Daily Mail too, they should be sued for inciting hatred.

  3. I take it that Labour MP mentioned in bottom of the post wasn't one of Purnell's mob who were left in charge of the DSS?

    Makes me angry too and unfortunately unless people do get angry then nothing's going to change.

  4. The name of the MP wasn't mentioned so I don't know who said it.

    You're right about people getting angry. But plenty of us are because of these outrageous measures, it shaken us all out of apathy that's for sure.