Sunday, 14 November 2010

Constitutional reform?

This article in the Guardian has me worried for the future of our Government.

David 'millionaire' Cameron is preparing to install at least 50 new peers in the House of Lords. At the same time cutting the number of MP's, the large majority of which will be largely Labour.

The government's plans, however, have critics in all the main parties. Their discontent has been intensified by the knowledge that Cameron's cull of MPs is being pushed through as he prepares to install at least 50 new peers in the unelected House of Lords to increase the balance in favour of the Tories.

The Lords have always been predominantly Tory and DC plans to make it even more so. How is this democracy? Smacks more of dictatorship to me. And this is the man who has this week been urging China to embrace democracy. Hypocrisy Mr Cameron.

One senior MP said: "They talk about increasing democracy. But this is not about democracy. It is political skulduggery to keep them in power and ensure they get their legislation through."

I agree. The sooner we get this Government out the better.

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