Friday, 5 November 2010

Dear Mr Miliband

We watched in disbelief as the Tories won the election. We held our breath as they formed a 'coalition' with the LibDems. Then we gasped in shock and outrage as they announced their Comprehensive Spending Review.
The 'reforms' that are nothing more than an attack on the Welfare State will hurt the most vulnerable of us. The poor, the disabled, the small businesses, the low paid will all suffer.
They claim we are all in this together but I don't see George Osborne stumping up tax for his millions in the offshore accounts. Nor has he announced any such plan to do so despite the promises of Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander.

The electorate have been disillusioned with Labour. But with you as leader the party has a fresh chance. Now is your time to take back the votes you have lost. Now is the time for you to stand up for original claims, to be a party for the working class.
To remember the ideals and the dreams of your historic predecessors.

Promise reform and not punishment for the benefit system. Shrink the divide between rich and poor. Stand up for the workers, the poor, the disabled and make us proud to be British again.

Here's a few ideas to help you along:

Scrap ATOS and WCA. Put money into more staff, train them properly and work closer with clients consultants, doctors etc. This saves the £509million spent on Atos and will help reduce the £1.3billion wasted through error. Working closely with NHS will help tackle fraud as well.

Raise taxes but make prescriptions, eye tests etc free. Removes the disincentive for benefit claimants to work.

We are not America, we do not want privatised healthcare. We care about our fellow citizens and we want everyone to have the same access to healthcare no matter how much money they have.

Tax and regulate the financial sector. They put us in this position. Not only should they be made to pay for their mistakes but we should make sure it can never happen again.

Tax second homes. In a time when so many people are homeless or living in overcrowded homes, it is obscene that thousands of homes sit empty for most of the year.

Cap rents on private homes. Landlords shouldn't be getting rich on the taxpayers expense. Capping rents means housing benefit bill will fall. House prices will also fall meaning more people will be able to afford to buy.

Close the loophole that allows tax avoidance. No more non dom. When they start paying taxes, the general tax level will be able to drop. They got rich off the backs of the working class, they should pay in with everyone else.

Make it easier for people to work from home. Remove the requirement for tenants to need permission to run home businesses. More disabled people could work if they an do it from home. And parents will not have the burden of childcare.

Keep kids in school till they're 18. Give them more opportunities for work experience so they get to try out different career paths.

JSA claimants to participate in voluntary work, to be counted on a CV.

Just a few things that will make all the difference to a society that is begging for change. This way we really will be in it together.

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