Saturday, 20 November 2010

IDS 'clarifies' his mistake

From the BBC:

While rents overall were falling in recent years, some landlords were charging top rates to tenants on housing benefit and pushing those rates up, they say.

If this is true then surely it's the landlords they should be demonising, not the claimants?
If this is true, wouldn't it be better, for the public, the renters and the taxpayers, to limit rents, rather than housing benefit?

People complain that claimants are living in hugely expensive properties that no non-claimant could afford to live in - that to me suggests that there is a problem with the rent, not the housing benefit. Kick the housing benefit claimant out and the rent is still too high for those 'hard working' families to afford.



  1. I think IDS and Cameron understand that there is a problem with the level of private rent. But doing it ther way has the added bonus of stigmatising the lower paid and kicking them in the teeth. Irresistable.

  2. Yet they keep insisting their cuts aren't ideologically driven. They really do think we're stupid don't they.