Sunday, 7 November 2010

The work scheme - questions

A couple of comments in the BBC 'Have Your Say' section, really got me thinking

Not only that but if you can create these so called jobs for so called community service, then you can ruddy well create these jobs for a wage and an employment contract, with paid holidays as with everybody elses jobs. I cannot wait to get this government out, you have ruined our lives, you are ruining our kids lives. For gods sake help us please, not punish us!!!

This is already happening in the NE. My friend who is a highly skilled CAD operator was put on one of these schemes working for his JSA which is £65 per week.A4E sent him to Tesco's to work for a month training as a cleaner. ASDA and Morrisons are also supposed to be in on the act. No job at the end. I can see how Tesco's can publish profits of 1.6 billion pounds in the first six months of the year. This is unadulterated EXPLOITATION OF THE UNEMPLOYED!

These are very good points. What companies will be able to participate? What jobs will people have to do? Why aren't people already doing them?

I don't believe that commercial companies should be allowed to participate in the scheme IDS is proposing. If there is enough work in Tesco's for a 40 hour week then they shouldn't be allowed to get someone to do it for £40. This is nothing short of slave labour.
Unscrupulous employers will take advantage of this scheme, no doubt about it. Take on a worker for a month, make them work 40 hours, pay them £40, then let them go at the end. Repeat cycle.

This is immoral. And if commercial companies are allowed to take part it will happen.

There are plenty of organisations out there that are crying out for volunteers because they cannot afford to pay someone. These are the places that should be approached to take part in the scheme.

And people should still be paid their regular benefit. According to the Financial Times, the scheme if aimed at those claimants who are suspected of working on the side or who are not fulfilling their jobseeking activities and so are suspected to be the 'work shy'.
Fair enough that these are the ones that are being targeted. But it will be an arbitrary process. Mistakes are bound to be made. Those who are mistakenly targeted should not be punished by having their money reduced. For that matter, £65 is the amount the law says someone needs to be able to live. Cutting this to just £40 is therefore breaking the law surely?

And one thing no one has mentioned - many of the long term claimants are drug addicts. I know a few myself. Are they to be targeted? How are they to be forced into it? And is anyone really expecting them to be finding a job because of it? Somehow I think not. I don't see any employer wanting to employ a drug addict just because they've had 4 weeks 'work experience'.

This is just Tory ideology. Nothing realistic about it. If they want to get realistic, why don't they start listening to people who have been in the system? Or better still, employ some of them? On a full wage of course.

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