Sunday, 24 October 2010

A video message idea

Yesterday I watched two videos from brave disabled women who want to speak out against the cuts. They are inspiring in their desire to stand up and be counted, to tell their stories and refuse to be ignored by the ConDems.

I want to do something similar. But I want to get everyone involved. There are 10 million disabled people in the UK, all of whom will be affected to some degree by these cuts. Many of them can't make it to rallies because they don't live close enough, or because they simply aren't well enough to attend. But they are still people and they have a desire to do something to protest the cuts that will ruin people's lives.

I contacted BendyGirl with an idea I had for a video. It was inspired by this collaborative fan video, featuring the faces of fans across the globe.

If we could get everyone to film a short clip, holding a card with a message, something like name of disease and 'I will not be ignored', or 'You cut' one side and 'We bleed' the other.
The clips can then be edited together to send a powerful message to the 'Coalition'.
People can use the card to cover their face or use a body shot they prefer to keep their anonymity. The important thing is that we all stand together to show a united front.

We will show them the faces of the people they are hurting and we will show them that we won't just lie down and let them ruin our lives.
We equate to one sixth of the population and we will not be ignored, cast aside and discounted.
We campaign for our rights, since none of the political parties will do it for us.

They want to give us a universal credit, we'll send them a universal message.


  1. Thanks! It's just an idea at the moment but we're hoping to get the ball rolling soon.
    Will let everyone know when we're ready to start

  2. Yes great idea - I like the You cut-We bleed.
    I will watch for when you are ready for our contribution