Sunday, 31 October 2010

Housing Benefit cuts

Polly Toynbee has written an excellent article highlighting the many things that are wrong with the ConDem's Housing Benefit cuts.

Do they know what they are doing? Are they incompetent bunglers or do they mean to clear low earners out of the country's prosperous districts? As some residents since time immemorial are driven away – with maybe a few picturesque pearly kings and queens among them – this will become a cut that brands this government. Perhaps they think nobody will notice the new ranks of rough sleepers. Or that housing benefit is too fiendishly complicated to understand. Few Conservative voters claim it, and the removals will be an invisible migration, not a mass exodus in special coaches. However, these cuts are so extreme and random as to who will be evicted that the political noise will rise to ear-splitting decibels.

Follow these numbers carefully and see how they multiply upon one another. This month people who lost their job have had their help with mortgage interest payments cut in half. Expect more arrears and repossessions. Next year housing association and council rents will rise from their present heavily subsidised rents to 80% of the market rent for new tenants – about £100 more a week. New social housing will no longer be available to the poorest, but only to those who can pay high rents.

It's a bleak picture but she is not exaggerating. If you cut HB, people will not be able to afford their rent. Landlords are not the most understanding or tolerant of people, they just want their rent. They are not likely to wait for a few months until you can sort something out. So people will lose their homes. Whole families will have to move, children will have to leave their schools and jobs will be lost.
Why is it only us who can see this?

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