Saturday, 23 October 2010

A call to arms

Another brilliant video from BendyGirl. A call to arms, to speak out and share our stories. To show the 'coalition' that we do count, that voices matter and they will be heard.

To the disabled people of Great Britain:

To the disabled people of Great Britain. Our individual voices are too quiet to be heard, but collectively we can shout loud enough to drown out this tide of abuse against us. Disability Hate Crime, lack of full legal protection, people in care homes costing too much to be let out and not one political party willing to fight for us. We must emulate other successful civil rights movements and with polite determination take our place as equal members of society. Please send me your stories as together we are unignorable.
Initially please email me at until I can sort out a platform to host our stories and videos.

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