Wednesday, 1 December 2010

IDS devalues our lives

Just when I thought it was impossible to dislike him even more comes his most offensive comment yet, in an interview given to the Sun newspaper:
We have managed to create a block of people in Britain who do not add anything to the greatness of this country. They have become conditioned to be users of services, not providers of money

In fact, IDS has just told a few million people, me included, that they are worthless. Unless you earn money, the country has no use for you.
If you are sick or disabled, you are worthless.
If you are unemployed, you are worthless.

It doesn't matter what you might do to help your community, whether it be caring for a relative or volunteering for a charity, you are not earning money therefore you are worthless. You aren't contributing.

This is the man who stands in government and is in charge of our welfare system. The man who holds our wellbeing in his hands. His attitude is deeply scary.
He makes no distinction between those who can and those who can't work. In fact, he appears to be of the opinion that most people, whatever their medical condition, can work. If you are claiming benefits you are a scrounger.

Many disabled people are terrified by the cuts that have been announced. With this one statement, IDS has shown they are right to be scared.
He has just devalued the lives of the most vulnerable people in Britain. The Sun might be an appalling rag but it has a large readership, most of whom already hold a low opinion of us. Mr Duncan-Smith has just made it worse.

Shame on him.



  1. Disabled people are a scapegoat so they don't get asked WHY they do not face the huge tax evasion thing - People who do not pay - Companies that are let off paying! People who diddle that system - But they go after the easy targets and people who cannot fight back as we don't have the money to do it - Cameron is using us (Disabled people) as a smokescreen for the fact that he LIED to all of us to get in in the first place and now he will continue lying and using disabled people like we are pawns to be thrown out when he has finished playing his 'paint the disabled person scum' game.

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