Sunday, 5 December 2010

Boycotting Kraft/Cadbury's

It's not often I like something from the Daily Mail but I like what they're doing with this article

Last year US owned Kraft foods took over Cadbury's in an £11billion hostile takeover. Opponents at the time argued that it would not be in Britain's interest to let the company out of British hands. Now they are being proved right.

Kraft have announced that it will be moving Cadbury's HQ to Switzerland, thus avoiding paying millions in tax.
This is outrageous. Companies like this should not be allowed to get away with. We are their costumers, their workers, their lifeblood. Taking their money to Switzerland and away from British coffers hurts the very people they depend on. Of course they don't see this. But they will if we stop buying their products.

From this moment on I am boycotting Cadbury. I'm boycotting Kraft. I will no longer buy any of their products, no matter how much I might like them.
I urge everyone to do the same. We need to let the tax dodgers know we aren't prepared to put up with this any longer. UKuncut successfully closed down several London shops on Saturday in protest against tax dodger Sir Philip Green.
Let's send the same message to Kraft

Email the mail on Sunday to support the campaign to make Cadbury/Kraft rethink the move at and click on the link for a list of products to boycott.

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