Monday, 14 February 2011

A response to DLA reforms

Dear Mrs Miller,

I would like to voice my concerns over the proposed reforms to the Disability Living Allowance

1. Renaming DLA as PIP is a waste of time and money.

2. If the aim is to remove 20% of people from the benefit how is the eligibility criteria to be set?

3. The reforms take no account of those with fluctuating illnesses. Many conditions such as MS vary from day to day. One day could be a good one. One week could be good. The next could be awful.

4. DLA is NOT claimable simply by filling out the form. Medical evidence is ALWAYS required. Introducing mandatory testing is unfair, unnecessary, unjust and a huge waste of money. Paying millions to a firm to complete the assessment - as is done with ESA - is utterly criminal when claimants already have to provide evidence. You cannot claim it for a broken leg. You cannot claim it for flu. The condition must be serious. You should try to claim it yourself and see how far you get.

5. The fact that many claimants have been claiming it for years does not speak of a broken system. It says that many people have long term illnesses that won't go away simply because you want to stop paying. If you want to discern if these people are still genuinely entitled then write to their specialists. Because they WILL have one.

6. DLA does not stop people from working. In many cases it helps people to be able to work. If the benefit is taken away then many people will be forced to leave work and become reliant on benefits. This completely negates any money saved from cutting it.

7. Saying you want to direct support to those who need it most might sound laudable but it does not cut the mustard. If you take away support from those who don't fit the criteria then it is entirely likely their conditions will become worse and end up costing more in the long run than it does to support them now. Whilst also causing pain and humiliation to those who suffer.

8. Telling people they are unsustainable is an insult. Telling them they need to represent value for money is also an insult. No-one asks to be disabled. People don't make it happen so they can claim benefits. Living with a disability every day is a battle, a struggle to be independent and not a burden to others. Being told that you are unsustainable takes away that shred of independence and tells everyone that you ARE a burden.

9. DLA fraud has been estimated at less than 1%. Punishing the many to weed out the few is not a system that would be encouraged anywhere else. Even hardened criminals are judged to be innocent before being found guilty. These reforms are treating the disabled as guilty before being judged innocent.

I sincerely hope these ill informed and ill thought out reforms will be stopped. Those who suffer from disabilities already deal with enough. Don't make their lives even harder.

Yours sincerely

Helen *

*Don't worry, I did put my last name on the letter ;)


  1. I pray every moment of every day that this wil not happen. I fear it will and to be honest I fear it will signal the end of life for so very many people.

    If they will cure me I will gladly go away.

    It's taken me ages to get a google account for this to be able to comment as there was no anon on this page I sure hope this works!)

  2. I don't pray but I hope every day this won't happen. They just don't realise what it means to so many people. I too would gladly give back all my benefits if they would just take away my illness with it.

    I did try anon comments for a while but after a few not so nice ones I reverted back again. Ones like yours are fine but I think if someone is going to criticise me they should have the balls to do it with a name!

  3. my voice* Maria!
    is based on 20* years*
    of experience of the UK*
    benifit's system
    at the age of 38*
    I suffered a brain hearhorage*
    leaving me in a wheelchair*
    I would like to remind you of*
    a section of the,
    disability discrimination act*
    that states that disabled people must be allowed,
    that includes financial! I think*
    you have been warned!
    I'm watching the results*
    leave DLA* alone*
    I value my independence!