Monday, 31 January 2011

An NHS comparison

I have spent today watching the Commons debate. It's still going on as I write this.
Mr Lansley set out his proposals, spending a lot of time on 'patient centred care' and 'GP commissioning'. He spent very little time talking about the price competition or the new regulator, Monitor. It was misleading to say the least.

He compares us constantly, with false figures, to France. Or just to Europe. But the reforms will lead to us having a system like America. And this graph shows perfectly that we already have better care than America.

The YouGov survey found that only 27% of people back moves to allow profit-making companies to increase their role the NHS.

Less than a third of the public supports the NHS reforms. So how can the Government go ahead with them?
The Conservatives promised the NHS was safe with them, that they would not cut, nor inflict any more reforms on it. There was no mention of it in the Coalition agreement.
So they have lied. Badly. In short they have absolutely no mandate for this reform.


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